Many families feel that funerals are most meaningful when they are personalized.

 Think about the special qualities of the person who has died and what they meant to others. Be creative as you, together with your family, friends, funeral director, and clergy brainstorm on how best to remember and honor the person who has died.

Some ideas might be:

  • Write personalized information to include in the obituary, making it more than the usual who, what, where, when, why.
  • Display personal items or hobby paraphernalia during the visitation and service. We can assist you with ideas on how to display these items.
  • Create a personalized memorial folder. You may include scripture, poetry, personal sentiments and photographs. The funeral home does have samples to help you get started. We will produce these for you.
  •  Allow children to write a letter or draw a picture for the person who has died. Their "good-byes" can be placed in the casket. Some caskets contain special drawers for this purpose.
  • Display photos of the person and their family. This can be as simple as setting out photos on tables to putting together a collage of snapshots to be displayed on an easel. We have boards and push pins for your use. We can also compose a slide show of 25 of your favorite photos to be shown during the visitation and prior to the service. Ask us for further details about this service.
  • Select special music for the service. Many times we can obtain this for you. Usually all we need is the artist and title. We also have an extensive collection of traditional hymn selections for your use. We can play cassettes or compact disks.
  • Select clothing that reflects the personality of the person being remembered. Keep in mind that high necklines and long sleeves look best in most cases. However, feel free to discuss other ideas with us.
  • Place items inside the casket. They can be located where they can or cannot be seen by viewers. There are no laws or rules that regulate placing items in the casket.

 More than anything else, our desire is to help you design a service that meets your needs and expectations. These suggestions are meant to help you consider ways to create a meaningful service. Our goal is to help you carry out what you are comfortable with, no matter how detailed or simple.

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